Albany Road Closure

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Image used with permission of Robbie Robinson

UPDATE: Coventry City councIl councillor Allan Andrews has tweeted that Albany Road has reopened

(UPDATE: 21.07.2014 7.48AM). BBC Coventry and Warwickshire are reporting that the road is still closed.


A Coventry road has now reopened. A collapsed manhole caused Albany Road in Earlsdon, Coventry to close on late Saturday afternoon. Binley Fire Station attended the area at 17:02pm. At 17:20pm, The Earlsdon Police Team tweeted that “a collapsed drain has made the road unsafe to use”

Cllr Allan Andrews, councillor for Earlsdon Ward, wrote on Twitter (20.07.2014) that he contacted the Head of Highways at Coventry City Council (will update this post when a response is received)


Plans for houses on Community Asset


In an earlier version of this story, the first paragraph read that The Coventry Charterhouse Preservation Trust was proposing the estate of 7 houses. THIS IS NOT THE CASE AND ARE IN FACT OPPOSING SUCH. This was an unintentional error on my part and one which only came to my attention during correspondences tonight and one which was rectified immediately. (18.02.2014). 

I and Coventry Culture wish to sincerely apologise for this error.




Image used with kind permission of Trevor Sutton

This post was written and posted on 16.02.2014. The Coventry Telegraph story from the 20.02.2014 can be accessed via the link below

Plans for a “wildlife corridor” in the city could be in doubt, after a planning application was filed for an estate of 7 houses on a community asset loop line wildlife corridor . The wildlife corridor was recently proposed by The Coventry Charterhouse Preservation Trust.

Tonight, the following message was sent to all friends of the charterhouse; which has been allowed for use on the blog with kind permission from a source of the Charterhouse;

Urgent – Application FUL/2014/0162 is for 7 houses to be built on the recently registered Community Asset loop line wildlife corridor next to gosford park primary.

This will kill plans of the Trust and Charterhouse residents to open this up.

We need as many as possible to object to this application or to sign the petition at:


 or online at

Trevor Sutton, volunteer at The Charterhouse, told Coventry Culture; “To see things like this makes me so angry. Once again I’m having to put my objections to the council for something them and us should be looking after and protecting in our city. We should be taking care of our heritage and the little wildlife we have in our city. I’m sick of seeing developers coming into our city and trying to destroy it but the council have been doing that for years, even before the blitz”, adding, “I enjoy teaching and showing my little kids the history of our city and i would like to see them do the same with their kids when they grow up but if we don’t do something now, we will have no history”.

This morning (21.02.2014), The Charterhouse is reporting via its Facebook page that an extension has been granted “for public comments regarding planning on the wildlife loop line”. See Facebook post below;

On 27 February, the architects, Callingham Associates responded to criticism. Below is the link to the story on the Coventry Telegraph;

An application has been submitted to Coventry City Council, which can be accessed via the council logo below.

Additionally, a petition has been set up, which can be accessed via the second link;



Coventry City Council has today approved an application for its Frairgate redevelopment scheme.

The £59m mixed use development, which will comprise of offices, retail, catering, hotel, residential and leisure facilities, alongside enhanced transport facilities and thoroughfares “for cyclists and pedestrians”, was approved by the council’s Planning Committee on 9th January 2013.

The application concerns the area of Eaton Road, Station Square, Park Road, Manor Road and Junction 6 of the Ring Road.

The development has not been without it’s objectors, with 22 of such received and which concern among other issues;

  • Increased traffic congestion
  • Closure of access from the Station area to Junction 6 during construction works is unnaceptable.
  • Shared pedestrian/cycle routes not acceptable
  • Increased parking in residential streets in the locality due to lack of car parking for new office blocks
  • Problems from taxis parking on double yellow lines

The full list of objections can be found in the report, under the heading “General Public Comments”.

International Transport Museum Scheme for Coventry


The Old Grammar School, on the corner of Hales Street & Bishops Street

Image used with permission of Rob Orland of Historic Coventry, headline photo taken by Steve Orland (Rob Orland’s son)

Coventry City Council has approved a scheme which would see a historic Coventry building brought back into use.

IMG_1493 IMG_1492

IMG_1495 IMG_1491

Images used with permission of Rob Orland, Historic Coventry

The Old Grammar School, located on the corner of Hales Street and Bishop Street, will be taken over by Culture Coventry, the trust which oversees the running of The Herbert Art Gallery and Museum, Lunt Roman Fort and The Priory Visitors Centre, and is expected to be used as an extension of Coventry Transport Museum, located in Millennium Place. The building is one of Coventry’s “most important historic buildings”, which has been closed to the public and unused for over 20 years and is currently on the English Heritage At Risk Register. The report outlines “the development will deliver a much-enhanced, ground breaking museum which will build on Coventry’s role as a centre of innovation in world transportation to attract new visitors to the city”.

In a public report released on 7th January, the council also approved “the provision of unsecured cash flow support of up to 2m to Culture Coventry” from April 2014, with full reimbursement anticipated by June 2015.

Additionally, Culture Coventry has been awarded £3.1m funding from the European Regional Development Fund and £4.63m funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund. The report notes however, that “these grants may only be claimed retrospectively in planned phases, on evidence of expenditure” and that without cash flow support from the council “the scheme would not progress through construction phases”.

The scheme is expected to go to Council on 14th January 2013.




Some fascinating images taken from inside the Grammar School building, used with permission of Rob Orland, Historic Coventry

Below is a copy of the public report, which with kind permission, Coventry City Council have allowed me to embed onto the blog

Used with permission of Coventry City Council


Click the Observer logo above to read their news story.


Click the council logo above to read the Cabinet meeting agenda, minutes and direct links to other items on today’s meeting agenda.

Screenshot 2013-10-17 at 02.36.32 PM

Click the graphic above to take a trip back to the past, courtesy of The Coventry Society, which includes a feature as well as images of the Grammar School from years gone by


Find the above images and more at Historic Coventry, which you can access via the graphic above but also visit Steve Orland’s site too, the second graphic

Would do you feel about this? What are your ideas for use of the Grammar school building? Let Coventry Culture hear your views. 

Nelson Mandela: His Long Road To Freedom

At 9pm local time on Thursday 5th December 2013, Nelson Mandela, South Africa’s first black president, died at his Johannesburg home, surrounded by his family. It marked the end of a extraordinary life, in which he fought for his freedoms, served 27 years in prison for his freedoms and was released still holding on to his freedoms. He forgave his captors and left this world with an indelible mark which will remain in the hearts and minds of his country and of the world

At Coventry City Council, it’s flag was placed at half mast as a mark of respect.

Today, I took a trip to Coventry Cathedral, more specifically the old cathedral, where a tribute was placed at the alter. Simple, unassuming, exactly as he would have wanted it.

At 12noon, the Dean of Coventry Cathedral held a Litany Of Reconciliation at this very spot, in which prayer was given, words were spoken, tribute was made.

You could feel an air of sadness, an air of a light going out in the world.

At this time, it may feel this way, but gradually that light will shine bright once again.

I heard a question on Annie Othen BBC Coventry and Warwickshire show, what will be his legacy? My answer to this would be today. Today’s events are his legacy, that we feel such a bond with this man as to come together to mourn his passing.

“a legend in life and now in death”. These were the words of David Cameron. Such is true. Death has a way of strengthening bonds, strengthening beliefs. This I feel will begin today and will only get stronger in time.

Nelson Mandela 1918-2013



Coventry’s Winter Wonderland

Just over 2 or so hours ago, Coventry officially begun christmas with the annual switch on of the city’s christmas lights. But that’s not all

….they only had Kingsland Road…..and R3action……Coventry City Council, those sneaky scoundrels so they are!

Anyway, rather than me tell you what happened, I’m instead giving this post over to the community, the twitter and Facebook community to be more precise.

If you are reading and want your tweet (or other media) shown on the blog, just contact through the links on the right side of the page and technology willing, your wish will be my command.


Click the above graphic to see Fil Prokofjev’s photos from the switch on*

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Coventry Heritage Open Days


Pictures taken by PhillipInCoventry, Coventry Road Transport Industry Heritage Bus Tour.



IMG_0746 IMG_0731 IMG_0732 IMG_0745 IMG_0736 IMG_0734 IMG_0744 IMG_0738 IMG_0737 IMG_0739 IMG_0743 IMG_0742




Pictures taken by covmanuk


Between the 12th and the 15th September 2013, Coventry held it’s annual Heritage Open Days, which forms part of England’s biggest and most popular voluntary cultural event of the same name and which involved participating venues opening their doors to the public for free, which also included venues that would normally have charged an admission fee.

Coventry’s Heritage Open Days are organised by a team of volunteers alongside The Coventry Society and Coventry City Council in conjunction with English Heritage.




A highlight of this year’s event was The Coventry Tapestry, located in St Mary’s Guildhall.


Heritage Coventry






Cllr Ed Ruane


David McGrory