A Coventry Kid Am I

A Coventry Kid Am I is a Facebook group in which Coventrians or fans of are able to reminisce about times gone by, and a group of which I happened to come across purely by chance. It has now become a regular in my day-to-day online viewing. Today, I thought to highlight Graham Shaw, who with kind permission, has allowed me to present his images on Coventry Culture. The images were taken during the early 1960s and show Coventry at a time of momentous change and as far as I can tell, brightness abound (and way WAY before my time :))

The highlights for me are the image of St John’s Church taken from the Lower Precinct balcony, a view of which is no longer possible due to the construction of Mercia House and the image of the James Starley statue on Greyfrairs Green, Warwick Row.

Before you view the images however, I first want to bring you the story behind them and who better to do that than Graham Shaw himself, who took the time to write a short piece and which I thank him sincerely for;

“The story behind the photographs is that I was very interested in photography , had not long purchased my first reasonable camera, an Agfa Silette , and wanted to record the changing scene in our City. I was 17 at the time , worked in the Passenger Parcels Office at Coventry Station. My earnings were around £8-17shillings and 9 pence a fortnight, so it took quite a while to save the £16 I paid for it second hand . The previous owner had not had the camera very long and decided to upgrade , he kindly sold me the camera in 1961 for roughly half the price he paid for it . I was very lucky indeed . One feature of the Agfa Sillette was the superb Voiglander f2.8 lens.”


There’s more where they came from, quite literally. For a direct link to all of Graham’s images, and I urge to view them all, just click the Facebook graphic below


I would like to thank Graham Shaw once again for allowing use of and links to his images on Coventry Culture.


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