Lights Out In Coventry

“The lamps are going out all over Europe; we shall not see them lit again in our lifetime”

These words were spoken by the then Foreign Secretary Sir Edward Grey, on the eve of World War One, although this is still debated.

Tonight, lights went out all over Coventry, replaced by candles, each commemorating the serviceman and women whom died.

Make no mistake, for our lives and our freedoms, we have the fallen to thank. They who sacrificed their own lives so that we could live.

We will remember them

Lest we forget.


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We Will Remember Them 


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R.I.P and god bless you, to those who died in the war, you’ll never be forgotten

Image used with permission of Maureen Clifton

Image used with permission of Maureen Clifton


For those who served and those who died, I light my candle. RESPECT



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 I would like to thank the members of the A Coventry Kid Am I Facebook group for allowing me use of their pictures for this feature. Click on the graphic below to visit the Facebook group .

Further information on A Coventry Kid Am I can be found in a previous post at


Albany Road Closure

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UPDATE: Coventry City councIl councillor Allan Andrews has tweeted that Albany Road has reopened

(UPDATE: 21.07.2014 7.48AM). BBC Coventry and Warwickshire are reporting that the road is still closed.


A Coventry road has now reopened. A collapsed manhole caused Albany Road in Earlsdon, Coventry to close on late Saturday afternoon. Binley Fire Station attended the area at 17:02pm. At 17:20pm, The Earlsdon Police Team tweeted that “a collapsed drain has made the road unsafe to use”

Cllr Allan Andrews, councillor for Earlsdon Ward, wrote on Twitter (20.07.2014) that he contacted the Head of Highways at Coventry City Council (will update this post when a response is received)

Sky Blues March

This post is no longer updated

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UPDATE: 14/07/2014. The Coventry Telegraph is today reporting that Sky Blues officials are “ready to talk” about an interim return to the Ricoh Arena, but will not drop it’s legal appeal against Coventry City Council. For further information, click on the link in the tweet below;


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“Let’s all sing together,
Play up Sky Blues,
While we sing together,
We will never lose.
Tottenham or Chelsea,
United or anyone,
They shan’t defeat us,
We’ll fight till the game is won.”

This is the Sky Blues Song. Written by Jimmy Hill and John Camkin. This post tells the story of Saturday 12th July 2014 and Coventry City FC Supporters From Gosford Green to Broadgate, they made their way down the road, built for the event of which its team is often remembered, the 1987 FA Cup Final.

Whilst the teams supporters were in Coventry, it’s team are not (yet). This is their story;


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Further links

Coventry City Fans Forum (Facebook)




The Coventry City Supporters Group (Facebook)



Live From Coventry- Civic Day

All across the country, people have been doing their bit.




How was Civic Day marked and celebrated nationally?



Coventry was no exception. Starting at 11pm this morning, The Charterhouse in Coventry held host to an Awareness Day which sought to highlight the city’s River Sherbourne, which twists and turns through and out of the city.




River Sherbourne Talk @ The Charterhouse Coventry (Civic Day 2014) by Matthew Duffy on Mixcloud

More (much more) information on the River Sherbourne (COLINS CORNUCOPIA)


Even more information from The Coventry Society

The morning began with a presentation, a walk down the Sherbourne, taking us under, over and across Holyhead Road, Spon End and under the City Centre (Not in the order of which I’ve just wrote however, I’ll leave this to Colin’s Cornucopia of whom and which has a far vaster wealth of experience than myself).

The day continued with walks, litter picking (of which the results can be found in the Flickr photo stream which The Coventry Society have set up and which can be accessed above) and continual preservation. I thoroughly enjoyed the presentation and even managed to find some pictures I had never seen before, such as the Reynold (where my Nan used to work, I always wanted to find a picture of where she worked, so I was extremely happy about seeing this).

I really wanted to preserve today’s presentation and not let it pass into the ether of time and it’s because of this I recorded the audio, of which you can hear above, courtesy of MixCloud. I hope in the future to get hold of a copy of the presentation itself, which I may include the talk to create a visual walkthrough, but this is FOR the future. 

At this point, I would like to thank The Coventry Society and the Hawkesbury Village Residents Association.I really am grateful.



600 riders. 100 Static Bikes. Multiple World Records. Cyclists at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry were yesterday asked to get “On Your Bike”, all to raise money for the Memusi Foundation. At the time of writing (Sunday June 22nd), over £17,526.38 has been raised. For further info at this time, follow the #OnYourBike2014 hashtag and @OnYourBike2014 . Further information on Coventry Culture will be provided soon (because as you can see, there’s a lot of stuff to cover)












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Used with permission of James Kybird of the True Coventrian Facebook Group



Used with permission of James Kybird of the True Coventrian Facebook Group


Coventry Cathedral- Stabilising The Past

Suspended in faith...

Image used with permission of Coffee Bean

Isn’t it a great? But what’s the story behind it?

Imposing and awe-inspiring, the Coventry Cathedral elicits many emotions at once – wonder, amazement, admiration and humility… even a casual passerby cannot fail to register its majesty… with my watercolour artwork, I intended to abstractify the vision of the Coventry Cathedral as one would recall it in their dreams – fluid, floating, suspended – but still wanting to retain the magnificence of this structure… I am unsure of how much justice I have done to this resplendent creation, but, purely from an emotional satisfaction perspective, it stands by far to be one of the most fulfilling works I have completed. – Roasted Coffee Bean

At 7.32am on Wednesday 26th March 2014, BBC Coventry and Warwickshire tweeted the following;

The works, funded by the World Monument Fund (WMF) and ChurchCare, continue the preservation of Coventry’s Old Cathedral, which was bombed on the night of November 14th, 1940. The Cathedral has provided a step by step guide, detailing funds and targets on it’s website, which you can view at;

In 2010, repairs on the Apse within the Old Cathedral was funded by English Heritage, WREN, National Churches Trust and the Cathedral Development Trust (page 8),as well as £40,000 by The Headley Trust “towards the stabilisation” from it’s Cathedrals Programme (page 10). In 2012, Waste Recycling Environment Limited (WREN) provided £77,383 from it’s Landfill Communities Fund and finance company American Express provided around £100,000, as well as £80,000 from the Cathedral Fabric Repair Fund, a partnership between the Wolfson Foundation, The Pilgrim Trust and the Cathedrals Fabric Commission For England (CFCE) (page 11), with a further £20,000 provided in 2013, for repairs to drainage.

The Old Cathedral is currently on the English Heritage’ Heritage At Risk Register (page 74) as well as the World Monuments Fund (WMF) project list.

Further information on the cathedral, including the work of Crick-Smith Conservation to conserve the Old Cathedral’s medieval glass, can be accessed below, courtesy of World Monument’s Momentum magazine;

/WMFB%20newsletter%20Spring%202012.pdf (Spring 2012)

/WMFB%20newsletter%20Autumn%202012.pdf (Autumn 2012)

/Monumentum-Spring-2014.pdf (Page 8, 2nd to last panel on right side of page)

For further historical information on both the old and new cathedrals, visit Rob Orland’s Cathedrals section on his website, Historic Coventry;




For the full Flickr Photo set, click here

Coventry Culture (Cathedral, Coventry University & Holy Trinity)

Coventry Cathedral

Coventry & War


Used with permission of The Coventry Society

UPDATE: 21/07/2014- The Coventry Telegraph has a whole section of their site dedicated to World War I. To visit click HERE

Update (8.03.2014)-There have been a few updates to The Coventry Society website. Since the below feature was published, the Baginton Church memorial has been added their site. Additionally, The Coventry Society is now collaborating with The Herbert and Coventry University, the latter of which will be employing four history students to research memorials.

Thanks to The Coventry Society for this information.

When one thinks of War and Coventry, one looks to November 14th 1940. But this wasn’t the only war to afflict Coventry. The 1914-18 war, known as “The Great War”, was one such other. Like the first, men lost their lives serving their country, families were torn apart, in both a physical and mental sense. In modern times, the BBC comedy series Blackadder (most specifically Blackadder Goes Forth), is used to show life during that torrid time. But this isn’t reality. This isn’t what war was like. There was no laughter, there was no audience. This was real life, men sent to war, whether they wanted to or not. There was no laugher, there was no audience.

2014 is the centenary of the First World War, 100 years. 2014 is the year where the sacrifices, the loss are laid bare once more, this year all the more prominent.

On the 21st September 2013, I conducted an interview with Julie and Chris O’ Connell of local theatre company Theatre Absolute, as regards to it’s 100 Project, a project which sought (and indeed seeks) to tell the story of the Great War through theatre. A few weeks later (18th October 2013), I visited the 100 Project for myself, my first time visiting such an event. You can read my review, along with donated materials from Theatre Absolute as well as really great overview video from Mindriot Productions below.

To hear the interview, click the first graphic, to see the review by Coventry Culture, click the second graphic.







Last night, purely by chance, I came across this great (as in great feature) set up by The Coventry Society, a civic society which I have come to be informed about on a regular basis, which seeks to detail the many War Memorials in Coventry.

If I am entirely honest, I’ve never stopped to think such before, but as with everything on this blog, I’m finding new things to showcase and promote everyday and I continue to be amazed as the gems that Coventry uncovers.

Anyway, back onto topic.

The Coventry Society’s War Memorial list is not finished, not complete and they would really like your help in uncovering other memorials. If you have any information, contact The Coventry Society via the web form on their site or via

But enough words from me….head on over to the site via the graphic below…

Screenshot 2013-10-17 at 02.36.32 PM


But there’s more….with permission from and thanks to the Imperial War Museum, below is a link to their official site, the official website to mark the centenary of the First World War. Also be sure to visit the official First World War records at The National Archives via the corresponding link;






Below, with permission from and thanks to The Coventry Society, are some images from their Flickr photo set. To view the below images, including the image at the beginning of this feature AT SOURCE, just click on them individually and you’re set!




Thank you once again to The Coventry Society for use of their images and the Imperial War Museum: WW1 Centenary for the linkage to it’s site

Sounding Off, Catching Up


Images & links used with kind permission of Coventry Music Museum & Dolly Rocker

Now, before you skip my long-winded introduction and look at the real content, I first want to say something up front to you.

These past few weeks have seen a drop in content from the Coventry Music Museum, most specifically Sounding Off. The last was the Clive Skelhon talk, which was quite a while ago. Hence the title of this post, I might as well be honest :) Today, I hope to make up for this by bringing you a catch-up (or a bumper edition, sounds much better :) ) from Sounding Off, bringing together all content from Sounding Off, whilst also sourcing directly back, starting from where I left off, put simply, oldest first. Anyway, that’s enough of me (for now), Sounding Off awaits….

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safe_image.php-2   1508586_10151978744992913_27500262_n 1920420_10151993327052913_1388766408_n 1921899_10152249148348766_76789563_n 1796595_10152249148363766_2139319232_n 1896790_10152249148413766_1608509825_n